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This is a collection of videos made by LatinX. You can watch them here and click through to see the full story.

#SomosNarcissus? The New Museum of Selfies Says We Just Might Be…

L.A.’s newest kid on the block is the fun, and extremely relevant, “Museum of Selfies.”


16 Movies That Will Take You Back to the 90s

The 90s had a lot of good things going – the fashion, the games, the school supplies (Lisa Frank, anyone?), but perhaps one of the best parts of the 90s were the movies (on VHS, of course).


Mother And Daughter Duo Kick Off A Week Of Women In Food

La Cocina, a (non-profit) San Francisco kitchen incubator organization, celebrates women of color restaurateurs, winemakers and cocktails creators to bring a 7-day dining experience — hosted by Chef/Owner Guadalupe Guerrero of El Pipila and more!


Puppy ASMR Episode 3: Pigu vs. Cheesy Kibble

Pigu’s back! And this time she’s enjoying some cheesy kibble. What are you having for dinner?


Afro-Mexicans: Mexico’s Slow Recognition of This Part of History

The fact that it’s 2019 and most of us didn’t know the term Afro-Mexican or Afro-descendent existed in Mexico is shameful and unacceptable. See the full story here


Can Music Change The World?

Activist Dolores Huerta teams up with the Oakland Symphony and Jazz Mafia to share the playlist of her life.

See the full story here.


2019 Music Festivals to Start Planning Now

The 2019 festival season is coming up! With so many amazing festivals, how do you decide which ones to go to this year? We’ve curated a list of some of our favorites that you may want to add to your list this year.

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East L.A., Sara’s Market: Bringing Local Goodness to the Neighborhood

Local made products for sale at your neighborhood market? That sounds convenient. That’s how lucky the people of East L.A. are these days. They get to try new local products; at Sara’s Market.

See the full story here.


#2020Election: Kamala Harris Joins Race to White House

It’s on! Kamala Harris has officially joined the race to the White House for the 2020 Election.If you’re not yet familiar with her background, here’s what you need to know.

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Voted World’s Best Cuban Sandwich, Silverlake’s Cuban Gem : El Cochinito

We checked out the award winning Cuban sandwich at El Cochinito in Silverlake.

See the full story here.


Puppy ASMR Episode 2: Pigu vs. Peanut Butter

Meet Pigu! She’s a French Bulldog living in San Francisco who really loves corn (even though she knows it’s bad for her…).

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L.A. Plant Based Scene: Brewery, Lunch, Ice Cream a la non-dairy. Cheers!

We checked out Sage Vegan Bistro in LA. Think industrial kitchen meets farm with coffee shop over a nice craft beer on tap…

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DTLA: A Place Where Pupusas Shine Bright Just For You

Grand Central Market has everything. From Filipino rice bowls and popsicles to produce and fresh made pasta. Our favorite? Sarita’s Pupuseria.

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Puppy ASMR Episode 1: Pigu vs. Corn on the Cob

Meet Pigu! She’s a French Bulldog living in San Francisco who really loves corn (even though she knows it’s bad for her…).

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Time Travel: Echo Park Takes Us On A Writing Journey… Through A Wormhole

The Echo Park Time Travel Mart is something else. It’s where you can find all the essentials. You know, like emergency mummy kits, robot milk, barbarian repellent, the basics.

Check out the full story here.


Tierra Mía Coffee: Is This the Latin Take On Starbucks?

We scouted L.A. for an awesome coffee shop with some Latin flavor and we were pleasantly (and proudly) surprised by Tierra Mía Coffee.

See the full story here.

Aguadito de Pollo – A Peruvian Chicken Soup That Warms the Soul

It’s freezing out, you’re stuck inside, and you’re hungry. Sounds like the perfect time to cook up with Aguadito de Pollo – Peruvian Chicken Soup.

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Second Look: Celebrity Dopplegängers

Twins with different ages? Now that would be something sweat_smile Celebrity doppelgängers are always cool to spot. Check out the ones we come across so far.

Full story here.


Border X Brewing: Horchata beer anyone?

We checked out Border X Brewing’s San Diego location to try their one-of-a-kind craft beer offerings.

Check out the full story here.


#2020Election: Julián Castro Announces Presidential Candidacy (with an accent…)

Julián Castro, the former mayor of San Antonio, Texas, has officially announced his run for presidency in 2020. He’s first and foremost a husband, a father, and a proud Mexican-American. If you are not yet familiar with his background, here’s what you need to know.
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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Here’s a list…

There are some truly amazing Latinxs who have accomplished great things in life! To honor them we created a video highlighting some of these unique and influential personalities.

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La Newyorkina: Sweetening New York City

La Newyorkina is a Brooklyn-based dessert shop specializing in Mexican desserts, from paletitas (mini popsicles) to tres leches cakes (yum).
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La Vic’s: Heating up the Bay Area, One Burrito at a Time

Looking for a taqueria in the San Francisco Bay Area? We got you.

Check out La Victoria Taqueria, a local favorite located right in the heart of downtown San Jose. This beloved Mexican taqueria has been operating since 1998 and uses fresh ingredients to make items on their extensive menu such as burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and more.

Full story here.


Memes: The 21st Century Version of Greeting Cards

Are memes this generation’s version of greeting cards? Here are a few of our favorite memes (rather digital greeting cards) made for our favorite people.

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Arroz con Leche: A Recipe to Kickoff the Holidays

Just because Thanksgiving happened last Thursday doesn’t mean all cooking comes to an end. In fact, it’s just the beginning. With the holidays approaching fast, here’s a quick and easy Arroz con Leche (Mexican rice pudding) recipe to continue on the holiday kitchen festivities. It’s Abuela-approved, promise!

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