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Weekly Astro: September 16th – 22nd, 2019. Saturn Goes Direct in Capricorn.

Celia Sagastume in SF

Big energy shifts for the end of the year…

There is a distinct energy shift this week—both Mercury and Venus enter Libra after the Full Moon in Pisces, and Saturn goes direct in Capricorn this week. We want to move forward, but we must do so by working with others. Finding how to work together, cooperatively, is the key to moving through the struggle of the months ahead as we near the judgement of this time: January 2020.

There is no need to fear the future, all you need is to value the connections and compassion available to you in this moment. This is the time for building connections, valuing your community, and recognizing that we hold a lot of power when we work together. 

Key dates to note:
September 14, 2019: Mars Opposite Neptune
September 14, 2019: Full Moon in Pisces
September 14, 2019: Mercury Enters Libra
September 14, 2019: Venus enters Libra
September 18, 2019: Saturn direct in Capricorn
September 19th, 2019: Mars Trine Pluto
September 21, 2019: Jupiter Square Neptune
September 23, 2019: Sun Enters Libra


Saturn turns direct just a few days after the Full Moon, signaling that the career ambitions you hold depend strongly on your capacity for clearing your subconscious energy of the blocks and limitations you’ve been holding up because of your fear of intimacy. Remember that you can only move forward when you have cleared the way for a deeper understanding of self. You can only envision an adequate path for yourself when you have an adequate understanding of who you are. 

With this commitment to understanding yourself and your capacity, you can make a brilliant move on September 19th towards achieving agency over your current situation. This will only work if you have done the work of releasing grudges—especially against those that you work with regularly. While Pluto gives a highly beneficial boost to Mars on this day, there is a great danger in overusing this energy. Watch out for domineering behavior, being too intent on getting your way, or letting your animosity towards others lash out. When used properly, this boost can lift up your endeavors and the promise of a raise or promotion is absolutely present. The key is to ask appropriately and accept compromise graciously. 

Saturday, September 21st is an inviting day to make plans for a day trip, visit a temple, or take a day of meditation. If you work on the weekends, make sure to have this one off and take a mini vacation. This trip should be enlightening and inspiring: perhaps hot springs or the spa. Relax your mind and let go after the hard work you’ve done this month. 

No contracts or commitments should be made on this day or the days before and after. There is a special connection between Jupiter and Neptune today that can be used positively for spiritual growth and serenity but can prove troublesome for more down to earth endeavors. Responsibilities and contracts will prove confusing— put it off for a better day.


The days after the full moon in Pisces will feel like a shift change, and that’s because it is. The Full Moon is followed by many planets entering your house of work, and while the first half of the month was full of relationship work and opportunities for creativity, the second half will be about grinding out the details of all your planning. 

After you figure out whether or not you want to take on the opportunity that arose on 12th, you will be spending this week negotiating the details and getting to work. With new contracts or responsibilities, your time and energy need adjustment. You may be focusing more now on certain projects that need to be finished, and relationships and romantic connections may take a back seat this week as your work takes the wheel.

This week may also see you taking a short trip out of town in order to take care of some business—you may be called back to finish negotiations and tie up loose ends. Saturn in your 9th house goes direct on September 18th, and you are beginning a new chapter now. The remnants of the old life go out to make space for the new. 

Saturn has been transiting your 9th house for a couple of years now, and you’re gearing up for big changes in your career. Now is the time to learn how best to align your effort with your intention and figure out the rules of the game. You are preparing for big outcomes and returns on your energy in 2020. 


Your inspiration and creativity will know no bounds after this day, especially on September 14th, 15th, and 16th. These are your special days for creativity, abundance, and magic. If you want to get out of town after all the changes at home, this would be the time to take a break and go somewhere quiet, where you can really listen and tune in to what inspires you. 

Mid-week, after that break, Saturn goes direct in Capricorn, which for you is the 8th house of transformations. It’s been a heavy few years full of changes in how you see yourself, no? Well, you got a break this summer as Saturn went retrograde from April – August, but now she’s baaaack—on September 18th. And she’s ready to rip you a new sense of self. 

With Saturn in your 8th house, there is no hiding behind a social face or trying to deny what you see in the mirror. This is your time to face the music and let yourself be stripped free of everything that doesn’t fit. 

One of the first people who will be itching to give you some feedback on what needs to shift will be your romantic partner, collaborator, or beau, in or around September 22nd. They’ve got something to say, and while you may not want to hear it, it’s better that you do. You don’t have to make any changes now but be open to listening to the feedback and recognizing the part you play in this dynamic.  


By Monday, September 16th, the energy shifts  and you can take a look at your options with much more ease. The frenetic energy of the beginning of the month will transition now, as many planets move into your home sector now—your favorite!

Cozy up at home while you deliberate any new developments that have come up since the opportune time of connections and communications in the beginning of the month. If you have been offered a new job opportunity or promotion, the beginning of this week is the time to make your decision. 

You’ll want to know which way you’re headed by September 18th, when Saturn moves direct in Capricorn in your house of partnership and close connection. You have probably started a new relationship within the last two years that is intense. You are learning about how to have agency in relationship, reflecting on how you show up and support others, and deciding whether certain connections are worth it. 

You will certainly be much more invested in your relationships after the 18th, so make sure you have all your career deliberations done before this date. Even though the focus with Saturn in this house is on relationships, you are also beginning to shift your focus away from your internal process and out into what you have to offer others. You have done enough to cultivate your skills and refine your talents, now is the time to put them to use. Recognize the talent you have and support yourself adequately. Make connections that support your development. 

The last week of September marks the change in energy for you—after working your social connections, building up your job prospects, and taking a serious look at the relationships you are building, the Sun moving into Libra on the 23rd signals your time to refresh the home space.

Even though you’ve been taking it easy since the 16th, your focus hasn’t necessarily been on nesting and creating that welcoming space you need right now. But now is the time set yourself up right babe. The dust settles, the focus shifts to your home environment, and its your time to make changes as you see fit.


Saturn goes direct in Capricorn on September 18th, which for you is in the house of body and health. If you’ve been having a pain in the knees, increasing health issues, or debilitating times where you need more rest, you’ve got this Saturn to blame. 

But honestly, this transit isn’t just a moment in time—this is a lesson that must be learned now. Your body is changing, and you need to adjust appropriately. Take care of any health issues, especially the ones you’ve been putting off, by or soon after September 18th. Saturn going direct means that what seemed like a minor toothache will become a full-blown dental operation unless you treat it soon. 

In general, you’re learning to take care of your physical needs. Because you’re so full of energy and curiosity, you might have a tendency to push yourself past your own physical limits. Your body is throwing up all kinds of warning signs now to let you know it’s had enough. Pay attention. 

Unfortunately, this is not the week to be fighting against your emotional process or trying to get away from the seriousness of it all by some form of escape. We close out the week with Jupiter square Neptune over the weekend, making sure you stay present. 

You could meet someone new this weekend if you’re looking for it, and they’re sure to be intense and spiritual, offering you a new perspective on this current situation. Just be careful not to get too carried away by what they have to offer—make sure the juice is worth the squeeze. 


As Mercury and Venus both enter your second house after the Full Moon, we prepare for Saturn going direct on Wednesday, September 18th. Saturn has been teaching you the lesson of discipline through connection to others, and with both Mercury and Venus in your second house, now is the time recognize just how much your work is influenced by the company you keep. 

Romantic relationships may feel more restrictive now, especially if they were formed during the summer when Saturn was in retrograde. You got a break from thinking about the responsibilities you take on when you start a new connection, but now they’ll come back in full force. 

You should also pay attention to how your friends and chosen family support or hinder your progress. You can either receive all the affirmation and accolades from supportive collaborators, or self-defeating critique and even dismissal from those who don’t think you can get it done. You know who I’d choose to listen to. Avoid the latter group, and choose to distance yourself now from influences that are not in your favor. 


Mercury and Venus both enter your first house hours after the full moon, ensuring that the ease you are used to returns to your life. You’ll be able to easily smooth over any difficulties you had during the first half of the month, and contract negotiations will go a lot smoother now.

If you had any important meetings that got delayed last week, now is the time to schedule them—especially after September 18th, when Saturn goes direct in your 4th house. You are figuring out how to find your footing—what makes you feel secure, what are your needs, and how best to handle situations that ruffle your feathers. 

You’ll have much better luck securing what you want with Saturn in your pocket. 

Your long-term goal between now and January 2020 is securing that home base. Both with the people you want in your life, and the literal home you want to be in. Is your current situation to your satisfaction? Do you need to get away from certain dynamics and establish your own independence? See to it between now and January 2020. 

If you’re looking for a day to turn on the charm for a certain important conversation, look to scheduling it on or around September 22nd, when Mercury makes a sextile to Jupiter. You now have Mercury in your first house, which means this planet is working in your favor to do your bidding. The wonderful connection with Jupiter in your third house ensures that any conversation you need to have will go in your favor on this day—you may even meet someone who will have just the connections you need to get a new plan started. 

With September 23rd and the last week of the month, we get the start of Libra season, and your time to really glow up into your own. By now you should have at least a good idea of what you would like to bring in for the new year—especially with home, grounding, and security. You can work on the planning stages now, and set an intention for the New Moon in September 28th


Hours after the Full Moon, Mercury and Venus will both enter your 12th house sky of unconscious motivations and spiritual practice. The second half of the month will be much calmer than the first, and you should take it much slower. After having made your connections, initiated new projects, and connected with friends, you turn now towards your own heart and mind. 

You’ll start to feel this shift by the end of the weekend and will start the following week with a more introverted tone. Saturn will move direct mid-week, on September 18th, and for you this will be a time of reconciliation. 

You’ve enacted many changes recently and have had to stay flexible and move with many changes—how have you done so far? Does your immediate environment feel chaotic, or have you secured a calming space to ground? 

Make sure you spend some time this week re-centering and staying true to what gives you peace and serenity during times of change. You need to feel supported and centered in your everyday interactions now, and this all depends on your ability to create a safe and loving space for yourself. 

If you have found the environment you need in order to feel secure, then the weekend of September 21st – 23rd could be very exciting. You could get a new job offer or opportunity or make a connection that will increase your revenue. You might even get news of a seed you planted long ago now finally bearing fruit. 


After the Full Moon, you have all the opportunities to work on any relationships you’d like to grow and expand. Venus and Mercury both move into Libra just hours after the Full Moon, which will bring an emphasis to your social connections and network.

Start by realizing that your connections with others are invaluable resources. Each connection is like actual money in your pocket: the more family you can build, the more resistant you are to the chaos of this world right now. 

With Saturn going direct in your 2nd hour of resources and finances on September 18th, this really comes to the forefront. Your income has been real wavy in the least few years: ups and downs with each change in vocation. It’s enough to make you on edge, and really sensitive to any changes. 

You’re learning to identify what you really value, and what brings you the most joy. In capitalism, we tend to focus on the dollar signs, but there are more ways to gauge resources than money in the bank. What kind of work utilizes your skill set? What kind of reciprocity truly engages your spirit? 

Because of the focus on Libra right now, I’d highly suggest you look at this from the relationship angle and focus on connections that are vibrant and supportive. It’s really important to feel like you have a network of people that can catch you when you’re down. 

September 21st is an important date to keep on your radar. You might be asked to help someone in need, or someone in your family may need support around this time. Jupiter in your 1sthouse is square Neptune in your 4th, so this is definitely about family and home life. If it’s not family related, then make sure you have your home in order—there might be some kind of unforeseen problem with your housing situation, or a conflict that arises between you and your housemate. 

Remember that these connections are important, and its wise to do your best to be of service while not compromising your sense of integrity. Don’t overcommit, but don’t deny someone if they need your help either. 


Both Mercury and Venus enter your 10th house just hours after this Full Moon, so it’s really important you gas yourself up for this transit. The 10th house is the career house (!!!) and you will have ample opportunity to glow up during Libra season. 

With the start of the focus on your money moves, we have Saturn going direct in your first house, but of course. Saturn has been retrograde all Summer, since April of this year, and you’ve gotten a bit of a break on the intense feeling of needing to protect yourself and incubate.

But she’s baaaaack. And now you have to balance the need to analyze yourself and make some internal shifts with reaching up and grabbing the opportunities opening up before you. September 18this the day when Saturn stations direct, and the days after this will start feeling shorter. Not only is the summer ending, but so is your free time, if you ever had any to begin with 😉

You should do wonderfully with this transit if you realize that all that is being asked of you is that you take into consideration your personal health and growth in your career aspirations. It’s not all about the money, the prestige, the power: what do these goals mean to you, personally? How are you evolving in the work that you’re doing? How do you gain more insight into your personal process by engaging in these tasks and responsibilities? 

September 22nd will give you the answer, as Mercury is sextile Jupiter in your 12th house on this day, and you will need a moment of repose. That 12th house Jupiter is making sure you take the necessary breaks when needed, and if you’ve been go go go these past two weeks, you’ll come to a full stop on this day. Take it easy. Don’t overschedule yourself. And make some time to tap in, preferably at the spa. 

The following day is the official start of Libra season, and you’ll want to be present and refreshed for this one. You work best with collaborators and groups of compas that have your back, and now will be the time to build up a new group of folks you want to build with. 


Both Venus and Mercury enter Libra just hours after this Full Moon, and this is going to give you the support you need to start making some changes. This will be a transition into 9th house affairs: travel, education, and enlightenment. You may be traveling in or around this Full Moon, and looking back at how much you spent, or how much money you need in order to move forward. 

While you’re in travel mode, make a plan. Bring the focus back on yourself and untangle your narrative from the commitments you’ve made to someone else. What do you need for your own personal growth, both financial and inspirational? Putting the needs of all those others in your life aside, what do you need right now in order to feel renewed? 

Make the plan, and plan to start working on it on September 18th, when Saturn goes direct in Capricorn, in your 12th house. This is the house of karma and debts to others, and this particular transit can make you feel like slowing your roll. Over-exhausted, overstretched, and needing a break—blame Saturn.  Take this week to focus on your relationship to yourself and how you’re feeling about your current life path. 

Mistakes from past relationships may come up now, as well as patterns of behavior you’d rather never look at again. But, in order to make space for the new you must clear out the old, which means facing this history directly. 

Instead of trying to bury it under the rug, learn from your past mistakes. Are old fears coming up now in the current relationship? You know they won’t go away until you deal with them—seek help now if you need it. A counselor, a trusted friend, or a teacher who can hold space for you now would be appropriate. 

Need a break from all this heavy talk? Yeaaaah, me too. The weekend of September 21st – 22nd should bring some joy and a chance to party if you need to! Shake it off and break it down with your friends as this will be the time to do it. 

Mercury is square Jupiter in your 11th house of socializing and friends on September 21st, so this should prove a great day for going out with friends and taking your mind off all the heavy lifting you’re doing.

We enter the final week of September with a final chance for a trip. The Sun enters Libra on Monday, September 23rd so if you’re looking for an extended weekend, this is the time to take it. Take a trip out of town, go to the spa, or visit some friends. 


Mercury and Venus both enter Libra just hours after this Full Moon, so you’ll get some relief from the focus on partnership, if only to bring the attention back to how you have been changed by your commitments to others. Both these planets will be entering your 8th house of transformation, so who you’ve chosen to guide you through this moment of awakening will be just as important as the internal work you’re doing.

On September 18th, Saturn goes direct in Capricorn, for you in the 11th house of long-term goals and community. As I mentioned earlier, you’re going through a time of purging. You don’t need as many friends as you used to, you’re satisfied with fewer, but more intense, connections, and you’re motivated to support community through your work instead of your social presence. 

With Saturn going direct on the 18th, you’ll definitely feel the need to be stringent with your time and attention again. The summer is officially over, and now is the time to get back to work. 

The way in which you are integrating the changes in your personal life to your career ambitions will become very apparent on September 22nd, when Mercury sextiles Jupiter in your 10th house of vocation. You might get an opportunity to do facilitate a healing workshop on trauma, attend a class on internal transformation, or find a teacher who resonates with your internal dilemma. 

Whatever practice you engage with on the 22nd will have an impact on how you see yourself now – a veil will be lifted that you didn’t even know existed. Jupiter will square Neptune in your first house very closely on this day as well, and you will get an insight into your inner dynamic that might change what you thought about yourself and your work up to this moment. This could be a day when many things shift for you, as something is revealed that changes your motivations. 

With the Sun moving into your 8th house on Monday, September 23rd, you might meet someone who will help you understand this insight and could be very helpful to your personal growth. This transit isn’t meant to scare you or bring up issues you’re not ready for, it’s more about turning the things you have most feared into sources of power. Someone will show up on this day or a few days after to help you with this process. 

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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