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This Inspiring Venezuelan Brought Me To Tears


If you’re familiar with the devastating situation that has been happening in Venezuela for the past 15 years, then you know that there are over 4 million Venezuelan refugees displaced around the world, this being one of the largest in modern history of Latin America and the Caribbean.

I came across this video below from Twitter a few days ago and felt this man’s music hit me to my core, and I burst into tears. The man is performing one of Venezuela’s most iconic songs. The song itself is already very moving, but I was even more touched by the raw emotions that came across this powerful and heartfelt performance.

Check out the clip — you’re going to experience sincerity like you never have before.

PS: The caption reads: “A Venezuelan that was singing in the streets of Bogotá, got invited by Mario Domm, singer from the band Camila, to perform with them in Mexico”.


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