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Things Non-Spanish-Speaking Latinx’s Are Sick of Hearing

Woman holding Hola on chalkboard

Let’s get one thing straight – not all Latinx’s speak Spanish. In fact, it’s pretty common among especially for those who are 3rd or 4th generation and didn’t grow up speaking it in the household. But that doesn’t make them any less Latinx! Check out this funny comedy sketch by FLAMA on a bunch of things non-Spanish speaking Latinx’s are really sick of hearing.


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  1. Costumelooks.com October 2, 2019

    I do appreciate that O’Rourke’s Spanish skills are “fluent, with a thick gringo accent” as Alexia Fernandez Campbell wrote for Vox. But it doesn’t help his case if he’s not straightforward about his policies, and Latinx see right through that. Unfortunately for Booker, he should steer clear of speaking Spanish. Voters can tell when a candidate is trying too hard for that Latinx vote.


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