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The Unfortunate Reality of Poverty in Latin America

Santo Domingo Ingenio, Oaxaca/Mexico - Nov. 8, 2018: Honduran women and children fleeing poverty and gang violence in the second caravan to the U.S. sit in a dump truck taking them to their next stop. - Image

One in five people are living in extreme poverty in Latin America. Even having gone to school with a degree, young Latinx adults face difficulty finding jobs. Families often resort to anything and everything they can to survive their economic hardships, whether it’s selling ice cream on the street or making crafts; for many, the mindset of hopelessness has kept them from reaching their dreams for a better future.

“To help [these individuals] overcome their situation, Latin America needs to create new jobs and provide them with better public services,” Banco Mundial LAC‘s video writes. “To eradicate poverty, it is essential that poor people believe in themselves [to regain economic prosperity].”


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