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Saddleridge Fire Burns Dozens of Homes in Southern California

A view of the spreading flames from the Canyon Fire 2 wildfire in Anaheim Hills and the City of Orange - Image

An unexpected wildfire has burned and destroyed dozens of homes in Sylmar near downtown Los Angeles on Thursday night. Dry conditions and high winds continue to let fires rage over 4,000 acres of land by Friday morning, leaving firefighters with a daunting task of containing its aggression.

CBS says it’s one of the eight active wildfires that occurred despite extensive efforts to prevent fires, including limiting access to power for thousands living in certain areas of Southern California. The fires have so far resulted in 25 destroyed homes and one death, while residents in areas including Granada Hills, Oakridge Estates, and Porter Ranch have been forced to into immediate evacuation.

The Los Angeles Fire Department‘s Twitter account is actively tweeting information on the latest emergency centers and updates on the fire.

Communities in Northern California are also facing similar issues. Electricity company PG&E has faced criticism for cutting of power from thousands to avoid equipment from starting wildfires. While the company acted with good intent, its decision has affected the entire San Francisco Bay Area, which houses more than 2 million residents.

For the full list of updates and school and road closures, click here.

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