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Silly Names for Our Pets

Brown dog getting its face stretched by human hands

We love our pets!

They give us companionship, friendship, and unconditional love (although with cats that topic is up for debate). After choosing your new interspecies amigo, the most fun thing to do is to decide on a name.

Maybe it’s inspired by their appearance or personality. Or maybe it is something sentimental to you. It can be something traditional and domestic, or creative and punny. Regardless, it’s a very important decision that contributes to your animal’s identity.

For those that need some inspiration, or just a good laugh, we scoured the interwebs for names that cracked us up. Check them out below:

Dog Names

Dogs are a man’s best friend, and best friends make you laugh. Here’s some favorite names for pooches.

• Bark Wahlberg – When your canine can act and rap.

• Artoo Dogtoo – If he is in touch with The Force.

• J.K. Growling – For the magical friend in your life.

Cat Names

Cats. Always walking that fine line between loving fuzzy creature and inconsiderate asshat. No matter their personality, they can inspire some funny names.

• Puma Thurman – The kitty who kicks some ass just like The Bride.

• Obi Wan Catnobi – What better friend for Artoo Dogtoo?

• Meowly Cyrus – For the kitty that likes being the center of attention.

Bird Names

Little birdies are popular pets as well, so we made sure to include them in our search.

• Meryl Cheep – She can handle comedy or drama.

• Kanye Nest – For the birdie that makes his own music.

• Quackie Chan – When birdie loves to fight.

Fish Names

A lot of people don’t name their fish, which can be understandable if you have a large full tank. But if you only have a few, give them a name! It can help you see them more as part of the family. Here’s a few standouts:

• Pennywise – For a clown fish.

• Goldie Hawn – What better name for a goldfish?

• Guppy Goldberg – By far our favorite.

Rabbit Names

Rabbits are awesome cuddly pets, and deserve a creative name as well.

• Luke Skyhopper – Continuing with the Star Wars theme.

• Rabbit Downey Jr. – For the bunny that is the superhero in your world.

• Barack Obunny – If your rabbit can play basketball and be a good President.

Other Species

There are other pets that deserve wonderful names as well. Ferret Bueller and Voldetort (for a turtle) cracked us up, but our favorite of the whole search came from Reddit user “qrochet,” who made this lovely sweater for his snake, Al Dente.

Al Dente the snake in his sweater that I crocheted! from r/Sneks

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  1. Frances G WatsonLatinX September 17, 2019

    My cat grew into his name, it’s Trouble. I’m getting a new kitten for my b day. I want to choose carefully, I don’t need any more Trouble.


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