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Democratic debate watch party at the abbey in West Hollywood California June 26, 2019. Senator Elizabeth Warren on the TV screens debating. Election 2020 - Image
Jessica Hoppe, writer and contributor.
End white supremacy sign
Quito, Ecuador - August 27, 2015: Man wearing denim jacket and face covered standing in front of police shields protesting. - Image
People holding vote signs at rally.
President Donald Trump departs the White House for Palm Beach, FL where he will be spending the Christmas holiday, Friday, December 22, 2017. - Image
Greta Thunberg
Hand of a person casting a ballot at a polling station during voting. - Image
Latinx women at protest
Hispanics for trump sign
Latinx Heritage Month via Dropbox
Your Vote Matters sign
Edgar Ramirez sitting in chair
Regina Romero headshot
Two girls holding a banner with word guns strikethrough. Women holding sign that says not guns at a rally. - Image
Carmelo Anthony
Bad Bunny PR Protest
Image of Africa made out of thousands of tiny people
Billy Porter
Donkey and Elephant fighting in front of American flag