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New York, NY - July 15, 2019: Activists stage rally to deliver petition to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos home & Amazon offices urging company cut ties with ICE and improve poor working conditions in Manhattan
Guy wearing sunglasses holding briefcase full of money
Tom Chavez talking about student debt
Woman taking money out of mans pocket
Cartoon drawing of Bruno Mars
Shutterstock: Student Loan Debt
A man in a suit holding a sign that says "what's your retirement plan?"
Girl kneeling by cart in grocery store
A guy in a graduation outfit holding his piggy bank
Woman counting change in front of her piggy bank and looking worried
Girl looking upset holding debit card.
Closeup of dark haired womand taking a bite of a fast food cheeseburger. Her friends are in the background eating as well.
Taxi driving by a church in LATAM