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Lonesome woman drinking cup of coffee by the window of her living room while the snow is falling outside. Selective focus with shallow depth of field.
NEW YORK CITY - MARCH 31 2016: Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders appeared before thousands of supporters at St Mary's Park, The Bronx - Image
Man with tissue blowing nose
WASHINGTON JUNE 27: A pro-choice activist holds a Planned Parenthood sign while awaiting the Supreme Courtâ??s ruling on abortion access in front of the Supreme Court in Washington, DC on June 27, 2016 - Image
New York, NY - January 19, 2019: US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks during Women's Unity Rally at Foley Square as hundreds of people attend - Image
JYVASKYLA, FINLAND - DECEMBER 7, 2017: Lyft driver holding smartphone in car. Lyft is an American company offering transportation services online. Illustrative editorial. - Image
MADISON, WI/USA - July 1, 2015: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I -Vermont) speaks at a presidential campaign rally in Madison, Wisconsin front of a crowd of over 10,000 people. - Image
Portrait of young girl with skin problem on isolated white background - Image
Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell on red carpet
Keto diet foods with booklet
Girl with prosthetic leg.
Woman eating chocolate with yellow background
Girl with hand on head in distress
Sex toys
HPV vaccine and shot
Apples, citrus, a bottle of kombucha, and a cocktail with a straw on a chalkboard. The word "kombucha" is written in chalk
Natural plants and pills
woman at home bedroom lying in bed late at night trying to sleep suffering insomnia sleeping disorder or scared on nightmares looking sad worried and stressed
Assortment of Mediterranean foods
Breakfast table with waffles, granola and fresh berries - Image
A drawing of drinks and a bird
A VapoRub jar
Massy Arias carrying her baby on her shoulders.
Massy Arion one hand stand?
Young latin woman practicing meditation indoors
Elderly hand holding a kid's hand.
Yovana Mendoza "Rawvana" apologizes infront of camera