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Kids try Mexican snacks
Bolivian Saltenas, traditional bolivian meat and potatoe baked food in market - Image
Evelia Coyotzi making tamales.
Rosanna Anil via NYCFoodMuse.com
Camila Mendes doing an acai bowl taste test
Two adult males trying to make quesadilla.
Spicy Chipotle Chilaquiles
Organic veggies on table with dirt
Baba Yaga House at Burning Man 2018
Korean BBQ being cooked on table
Fattoush salad on table
Person eating french fries
A bunch of prepped food
A guy cutting into a giant hot dog with a knife
Lemonade with fruit in it
Pregnant woman holding spoon and fork
Pineapple being drizzled with chocolate
Mexican Street food stand
Around 10 fish on a grill, in various stages of cooking.
People standing in a kitchen
Closeup of dark haired womand taking a bite of a fast food cheeseburger. Her friends are in the background eating as well.
Barbecued meat
A woman and a man sitting with a box of Mexican candy
A logo that says "Pimp My Cart"
Two tacos with sauce cup
Glow in the dark donut