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It’s Your Turn At The Voting Booth. Are You Ready for Today’s General Election?

FAIRFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA, USA - NOVEMBER 4, 2008: Women voters at polls during presidential election, paper ballots. - Image

Is your state holding its general election this Tuesday, Nov 5th? Are you ready to cast your ballot in your local election? No matter how you vote, general elections are incredibly important in changing government on a state and local level. We must state our peace with our vote to make lasting change across all levels of government. 

Growing up in a Puerto Rican household, my family always stressed the importance of local elections. I would hold my mother’s hand, loudly asking what everyone was doing here, as we waited in line for her turn at the voting booth. As our community changed so did our government, and we were able to elect other LatinX people to office. In the end, representation matters and local government is the first step to shaping our greater federal government in 2020. Check out where your closest voting booth is to get out and vote!

Lo Boutillette

With deep ties to music and the arts, Lo is constantly inspired by her Latin Americana roots and the spontaneity of New York City. When she isn’t planning and perfecting her productions you’ll find her tending to her rose garden with her dog Bella.

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