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LatinX Launches Partnership with Sociedad

I have always been someone that has refused to let myself be limited by the expectations and labeling bestowed upon me. As a young person, I often found myself fighting the stereotypes or misunderstandings of people as it related to the larger group I am a part of. I didn’t grow up with the privilege of having a diversity of experiences demonstrated in any media format about people who looked or thought like me.

In an effort to bring forward more meaningful and inclusive content that speaks directly to the essence of our culture, I’m excited to announce a new partnership between LatinX and my collective, Sociedad.

Sociedad is a creative group for the individuals and ideas that will dictate the culture of tomorrow. Through a blend of content that includes videos, podcasts, articles, mixes, and events in partnership with LatinX, we will be able to do just that.

The only time I experienced myself in any media was through the limited lens of people from outside of the culture. When we were showcased, it was most often as a people barely above savage. If not for the examples I saw in my mother and grandmother, I genuinely do not think I would have survived the demoralizing effects of those depictions.

The cafesito sessions I would have with Mama Rosa, my grandmother, were filled with stories of a people much grander than drug dealers and users. The strength I experienced in my mother proved we were not a weak people. The beauty, elegance, and sophistication I saw and experienced in both became the foundation of what I grew to understand was the magic of who we are.

Many years later, I continue to learn and understand the depth of that magic and over my life, I have dedicated myself to sharing that magic with others. That is the “why” of Sociedad at its core. Through the work we do individually and also in partnership with LatinX, we are attempting to demonstrate the richness and fullness of our culture.

I am thankful to LatinX for recognizing my value as a creator of culture and not simply a surveyor or consumer of it. I plan on bringing to the partnership a lifetime of experiences and a network of individuals who are dedicated to progressing the narrative of the Latinx community.

I am super excited and eager to show you what we have been working on, and I hope you are able to find your voice, see your face, and sense your soul in the work we create.

Christian Mártir, Sociedad

Christian Martir

Over the last several years, Christian Mártir has spread his love for soulful rhythms everywhere from Madison Square Garden to Mexico City. In 2018, he launched Sociedad.life, a multimedia platform and creative group of handpicked curators that highlight the emerging artists and cultures of tomorrow. Sociedad has partnered with various brands including HBO Latino and their Sociedad Social Club event at El Museo del Barrio was featured in the New York Times.

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