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Ecuador Government Abandons Capital in Wake of Violence

Quito, Ecuador - August 27, 2015: Man wearing denim jacket and face covered standing in front of police shields protesting. - Image

The Ecuador capitol of Quito has endured an unrestful week after protestors took to the streets to express their dissent in President Lenin Moreno’s proposed economic plans with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Violence has spread across Quito over the past five days, causing the government to relocate south to Guayaquil in an effort to ensure government officials’ safety from protestors.

Those against President Moreno’s $4.2 billion financial deal with the IMF include indigenous people, the labor and transport unions, and many more. 420 people have already been arrested in the wake of the protests.

In a recent public address, Moreno blames President Maduro of Venezuela and former Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa for fueling the political unrest in an effort to break the government apart.

According to CNN, President Moreno’s popularity has dipped quickly down to 30% since the start of his term, leaving the country uncertain of a stable political status quo.

Vivian Wang

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