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It’s Not Just the Amazon. Acres of Bolivian Forests Are Also On Fire

Forest fire. fallen tree is burned to the ground a lot of smoke when vildfire - Image

It seems like the wrath of South America’s fires isn’t over yet. Bolivian officials reported at least 4 million acres of land have been destroyed by wildfire in the past month, leaving environmentalists in shock and despair.

Because of the fires, water resources, wild animals, and two people (so far) have perished. Towns in rural Bolivia including Sacaba and Coroico were badly damaged by the fire despite heroic efforts the many rangers, fire fighters, and government officials that have volunteered for the cause.

Argentina, Peru, and the U.S. have sent aids to contain the spread of the fire, but CNN states that the Secretary of Santa Cruz believe the efforts are not enough and are pressuring the government to officially declare these fires a national disaster.

To help do your part to stop the fire, click on the link below to donate to the Rainforest Action Network. Together, let’s save our planet.


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