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Bernie Sanders Discusses His Marijuana Legalization Plan with DESUS & MERO

Sanders campaigning for 2020 bid at Grand Park in Downtown LA - March 23, 2019.

Sen. Bernie Sanders was featured on DESUS & MERO this week where he discussed his recently proposed marijuana legalization plan. According to the plan, within 100 days in office Sanders would appoint a new attorney general committed to ending the War On Drugs and legalize marijuana. He then plans to use an executive order to deschedule marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act while pushing for legalization through policy in Congress. 

The second wave of Sanders plan builds on his criminal justice reform plan, calling for expungements of marijuana related convictions, and investment in communities of color who were most hurt by the War On Drugs.

Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks about his marijuana legalization plan with DESUS & MERO, as well as his thoughts on AOC and Cardi B in the video below.

Lo Boutillette

With deep ties to music and the arts, Lo is constantly inspired by her Latin Americana roots and the spontaneity of New York City. When she isn’t planning and perfecting her productions you’ll find her tending to her rose garden with her dog Bella.

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