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Want To Start a Business? You Need To Be…

Saskia Sorrosa, founder of Fresh Bellies, tells Creating Espacios starting a business is hard work. Photo via Creating Espacios.

On this episode of Creating Espacios, Vivian Nuñez interviews CEO of Fresh Bellies, Saskia Sorrosa. Sorrosa explains her journey from her secure corporate job in the NBA to becoming an entrepreneur in a completely different industry. “Real” is the perfect word to describe this episode. Throughout their talk, Sorrosa and Nuñez describe how difficult it can be to start a business and the external factors that can contribute to the challenge of creating a name for you and your brand in a new playing field.

“Being a Latina, if you don’t see something, you make it yourself” – Vivian Nuñez

Sorrosa’s startup tips. You need to:

  • Be consistent. “There aren’t many obstacles to getting your business running – it’s just work.” There will be failures, but you have to make notes and try again.
  • Be resourceful. Reach out to mentors, colleagues and advisers to fine tune your vision and bring credibility to your brand to prepare you for investors.
  • Be persistent. “Don’t take no for an answer.”  In her case, Sorrosa’s challenge was being a female in a male predominant industry and lacking a background in the food sector.  One of Fresh Bellies’ founders tells Sorrosa, “What would a white male do? That’s what you do.”
  • Be outgoing. Don’t be shy and remember to ask questions. Never assume.
  • Be attentive. Always, always, always listen to feedback and try not to take it personal.  Feedback is a great resource because it helps you to correct and try again.
  • Be your own cheerleader. Believe in your product and your mission. Get people to be as excited as you about your business. It will take time, but it will get easier as time passes.
  • Be patient. Starting a business takes a long time (sorry).

Key takeaway. “Don’t be hindered by the big idea,” says Vivian Nuñez.

Starting small is OK. Like Sorrosa, she began cooking her recipes at home and step by step realized her feeding techniques could be something bigger.  If you’re venturing into the entrepreneurial world, what would this transition look like for your business?



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