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Trash-Free Challenge: Are You Up For It?

cotton bags and glass gar for free plastic shopping

In 2012, Brooklynite Lauren Singer, committed to a #zerowaste lifestyle and today can fit 5 years of trash into one small jar.


After graduating NYU with a major in environmental studies, she decided to put the principles she’d learned into practice. Singer founded the Packagefreeshop and a blog called, Trash Is For Tossers where she shares tips on how you can get your output down from the American average of 4 1/2 lbs per day. Yikes!

I guess we have another suggestion to add to our mason jar report. Talk about waste-free.

Vivian Wang

Vivian is a travel enthusiast and food connoisseur living in New York City. Her curiosity and passion for languages and culture has taken her across eight countries over the past year. When not working, you can find her meandering in art museums or sampling food at the street markets.

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