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Restore_. A Different Kind Of Box

Shout out to Restore___. for helping restore a little something something every month!

What is Restore__. exactly? Last year, Restore__. was created with the idea of bringing awareness to different issues through a monthly subscription box. Every month, subscribers get a different nail polish in a color representing a specific issue with a note shinning some light on great ways one can tackle and / or support others going through health or social difficulties. The idea began as a way to show support for a friend while receiving open heart surgery. Restore__. owner, Natacha Cabrera posted a picture of her “freshly painted nails” asking others to do so as well, as a way to support her friend Alyssa. The response was very inspiring which motivated Cabrera to grow this idea into a business.

Today, Cabrera is promoting her business to help the general public understand the various issues that all of us are faced with or could face at some point in our life. Her project is exactly what we need; understanding and proudly supporting others can help ease the burden of fighting our battles alone. Check them out. Maybe they’ll be the perfect colorful addition to your holiday shopping list. Did we mention the nail polish is seven free, vegan and cruelty free? Need we say more?

Here are some of the issues Restore__. has covered so far:

  • Human trafficking
  • Body image
  • Women’s history month
  • Sexual violence
  • Mental health
  • Infertility
  • Sobriety




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