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Recommended Podcast: “Kind World” on WBUR’s Morning Edition

We are all too familiar with the flurry of push notifications. Looking down at our devices we see that they’re chock full of terrible news.

Here to restore your faith in humanity and bring much needed levity to the saturated media climate is WBUR’s podcast “Kind World,” which focuses on telling stories about acts of kindness that touch the heart and inspire.

In their latest episode, we meet José Bou, who through the help of Dr. Baker, transformed his life and went from solitary confinement to college professor.

The narratives we share with one another have the power to make a lasting impact on the mental health of a collective community. Seeing one another represented in a positive or transcendent light evokes sentiments of hope.

In this day and age where everything can seem so bleak, these are the kinds of sparks in the dark we need. Listen to José’s powerful story below.


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