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Quote of the Week: John Leguizamo

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“Imagine if Lin-Manuel Miranda had tried to do ‘Hamilton’ first in Hollywood. They would have told him, ‘The forefathers weren’t Latino or Black. They didn’t speak in hip hop.’ That would never had gotten going in Hollywood ever. But theater let Lin-Manuel him do it, and he created an incredible masterpiece.”

~John Leguizamo in The Daily Beast.

This quote is a reminder that in the creative world, you will run unto barriers based on the characteristics (like race) and subject matter of your art. Some people will not be able to reshape their thinking to allow for a character to do or be something other than what’s in their head.

Heck, it’s still difficult to find a non-white Jesus, even though he wasn’t history has shown us that definitely wasn’t.

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But don’t let that deter you from making YOUR art the way YOU want it to be. Tell the story the way you see fit. Keep the characters, subject, or lens the way it has been in your creative mind. Even if the gatekeepers don’t get it, many others will. And there will be other doors that you didn’t think to try. Look at your options, but stick to your guns. Your art will eventually be seen, experienced, and loved.

What’s one time you persevered despite outside obstacles?

Please keep it below 500 words.

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