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On Race and Identity: What Does Being Latinx Mean to You?

Woman talking in video about race and identity.

Is being Latin sometimes confusing or ambiguous to you? If so, you are not alone.

Identity is one of the single most complex components when it comes to being Latin. The term itself covers a territory spanning several countries all which have their own respective cultures and political history. For some, embracing Latin culture is difficult because of their eye or skin color, or perhaps because of the way they talk or their music of preference.

In this short documentary by The New York Times, several people explore these concepts and share their personal narratives regarding race and identity.


Trying to blend in, the constant search for approval and to be part of the ‘norm’ makes us act differently and adopt new traditions. From male and female denominations to the overall perception of what we should be if we’re from Latin origin, the term Latinx has become our go-to denominator. It allows us to feel included, to be part of a wider culture and to be able to be whatever we want to be without the preconceived notion of what the rest of the world expects from us.

How was your upbringing? Did you embrace your amazing Latinx self with your friends?



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