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More Than Teaching – James Tilton

Two hands gripping each other for help. Black and white

Deportations rip families apart, and sometimes children have their parents taken away while they stay in the US. With our current administration pouring time and money into going after immigrants, English teacher James Tilton of Lancaster, CA has opened his doors to any student who is forced into this heartbreaking situation.

When the mother of one of Tilton’s students was deported last year, he offered them room and board. Luckily the student had other family in the area. As President Drumpf goes after more families, James knows many won’t have the same support and reminded his students that the room is there for those who need it.

As James says in his Twitter thread, this isn’t a feel good situation. But we hope that by relaying this, it will remind people that there are kids in this country who will be going through great trauma if their parents are deported. The youth are part of our community and will continue to be, and we can do many things to help them. Be there for your community.


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