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Life And Work Of Creatives: Fabian Guerrero

Queer brown man in Norteno garb
Credit – Fabien Guerrero – @fei_bian

LA-based photographer Fabian Guerrero grew up in Tamaulipas, Mexico, a US-Mexico border town near the southern most tip of Texas. In this region, Norteño and Ranchero culture is heavily celebrated. Like many cultures in the Latinx community, there is a heavy emphasis on hyper masculinity, or “Machismo.” These longstanding gender norms have created a divide on what a queer person is within the community.

Credit – Fabien Guerrero – @fei_bian

Growing up, Guerrero was deeply effected by these strict gender norms and stereotyping. He spent most of his youth confused at the cultural clashing, and dreaming about what his life could be like one day when he had the ability to express himself freely. After moving to LA, Guerrero became fascinated by Ranchero fashion after looking at old family photographs. He had the idea to take this traditionally heterosexual attire and photograph it on self identified queer subjects. The art speaks for itself.

Credit – Fabien Guerrero – @fei_bian
Credit – Fabien Guerrero – @fei_bian
Credit – Fabien Guerrero – @fei_bian

Today, Guerrero art has helped thousands feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin, by taking his challenging past and using it to empowering his future.


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