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One year after 19-S #FuerzaMexico

A year after 19-S, Mexico’s heroes continue with their efforts to restore the community. #FuerzaMexico

On September 19, 2017, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit central and southern Mexico. According to national figures, the earthquake caused the collapse of dozens of buildings, 369 fatalities and left over 250,000 people without a home. It is estimated that 12 million people were directly affected by this disaster with the most affected regions being Mexico City, Morelos and Puebla. Although the community has been very active helping rebuild the country to what it was, the Social Development Ministry predicts it will take about five years to do so (1).

Since the earthquake, the community remembers the heroes that helped them through their darkest moments; from Frida, the famous rescue dog that stole our hearts, to the brave rescue team of Los Topos de México.

“Los Topos”: The Heroes of Mexico #FuerzaMexico

For over 32 years, los Topos de México have been researching and training to aid the community when natural disasters hit. Last year, this great team of volunteers rescued people from the rubble of fallen buildings. With the help of the community they were able to make 19-S more bearable. Now, a year after, they are continuing their training, research and support for the community. In an effort to be better prepared, los Topos have designed a whistle ring called, “Anillo de Vida,” to help the rescue team locate victims faster. This initiative is currently a kickstarter that is linked to their organization.  Check it out!


Still more to do… looking for volunteers!

Four Mexican actresses have taken it upon themselves to help rebuild their beloved Mexico after 19-S. Follow Los Angeles En México (@LAEM) to see how you can join the efforts of these women: Olga Segura (The Dinner), Karla Souza (How to Get Away with Murder), Kate del Castillo (Ingobernable) and Ana De La Reguera (Goliath, Narcos).


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