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Influential LatinX People born in October

Forget October as the time for pumpkin patch visits, apple picking, or the start of a new NBA season.  October – the month of level-headed Libras and mysterious Scorpios as we know it – is the freakin’ powerhouse when it comes to famous LatinX birthdays, and here’s a stacked line up to prove it!

Celia Cruz, singer

Nationality: Cuban
Birthday: October 21, 1925

Celia Cruz in Havana, 1957. Photo courtesy of Ibrahim Arce.


Kate del Castillo, actress

Nationality: Mexican
Birthday: October 23, 1972

Kate del Castillo at the Girl In Progress Special L.A. © Sbukley – Dreamstime.com


Bruno Mars, pop artist

Nationality: Puerto-Rican, Filipino American
Birthday: October 8, 1985

Bruno Mars at the 2011 American Music Awards. © Featureflash – Dreamstime.com


Joaquin Phoenix, actor

Nationality: Puerto Rican
Birthday: October 28, 1974

Joaquin Phoenix at the Toronto Film Festival, 2005. Photo by Tony Shek via Flickr.


Guillermo del Toro, director

Nationality: Mexican
Birthday: October 9, 1964

Guillermo del Toro at the 2013 WonderCon. Photo by Gage Skidmore.


Pablo Picasso, artist

Nationality: Spanish
Birthday: October 25, 1881

Picasso in front of his painting The Aficionado, 1912. Source: RMN-Grand Palais.


Blanca Suarez, actress

Nationality: Spanish
Birthday: October 21, 1988

Blanca Suarez at the 2011 Cannes Festival. Photo by Paul Smith / Featureflash.


Pelé, football player

Nationality: Brazilian
Birthday: October 23, 1940

Pelé at a soccer match. Photo © Jerry Coli – Dreamstime.com.


Carlos Mencia, comedian

Nationality: Honduran American
Birthday: October 22, 1967

Carlos Mencia performing during the Tour for the Troops concert in Turkey on December 1, 2009. Photo by Sara Csurilla, U.S. Air Force.


Malu Trevejo, dancer

Nationality: Cuban American
Birthday: October 15, 2002

Malu Trevejo. Courtesy of Instagram.


Diego Maradona, football player

Nationality: Argentinian
Birthday: October 30, 1960


Tyler Posey, actor

Nationality: Mexican American
Birthday: October 18, 1991

Tyler Posey at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. Photo © Paul Smith from Featureflash – Dreamstime.com.


Mario Lopez, actor

Nationality: Mexican American
Birthday: October 10, 1973

Mario Lopez at the Los Angeles premiere of Pain & Gain at the Chinese Theatre, Hollywood. Photo 49151858 © Jaguarps – Dreamstime.com


Esai Morales, actor

Nationality: Puerto Rican American
Birthday: October 1, 1962

Esai Morales At the Fox TCA Press Tour. Photo 32585080 © Sbukley – Dreamstime.com


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