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How to Spot “Othering” and Improve Your Workplace Environment

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Have you ever felt left out of the group because you aren’t similar enough? Have you ignored someone based on visible differences between you two? These kinds of actions are called “othering.” It’s something that many of us do, but we aren’t always aware we do it. At work, this can have some heavy consequences in terms of quality of work or money being made.

LatinX founder Tom Chavez runs another company by the name of Eskalera, and we are stoked for what they are building. Eskalera explores ideas around diversity and inclusion and how you can improve your workplace by acknowledging subconscious actions like “othering.”

Check out their blog post here and learn how you can reduce and avoid “othering” at work. Climb the ladder, my friend.

Stay tuned for more insight and ideas from our friends at Eskalera.


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