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How the Digital Age Has Changed the Dating Game

ROSARIO, ARGENTINA - OCTOBER 28, 2017: One young and single woman at home resting in armchair holding a smartphone with Tinder application on the screen. - Image

Remember when online dating used to be a taboo? Seems like forever ago since it solidified itself as the new normal (one-third of married couples in America today meet online), which is a huge indicator of just how much the digital age has affected our lifestyle, but specifically, the way we approach the dating game.

Thanks to Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge, the search net we cast has grown wider than ever (or as selective as ever?), but the activity itself has lost so much of its formality and evolved into a more casual way of life. So is this a good or bad thing? The Economist weighs in on this phenomenon (or nightmare, for those of you who hate dating apps).


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