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First generation and trying to make it?

Vivian Nuñez from Creating Espacios and Mitzi Gaitan talk about what it’s like to be first generation, trying to grow personally and professionally while keeping in mind their assumed, not given, roles at home. Let’s see if any of these sound familiar, shall we?

  • Family responsibilities and the unspoken roles we play at home.
  • Creating your path while staying true to your roots and upbringing.
  • Moving away from home, leaving the nest.
  • How to keep yourself from holding back.

Cozy up, grab a cup of tea (or wine) and listen to their journey. Remember, paving the way to YOUR future is not easy. Don’t be afraid to step into the “unsafe”. Ready for some air high fives? Listen below or here. 

Vivian Nuñez, creator of the podcast #CreatingEspacios. Check it out! @vivnunez.


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Follow Mitzi’s journey @Mitzign. Get it girl!


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