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Finding Your Joy With Journaling

Woman writing in a journal

Summertime: when people have the time and space to gather, lured by refreshing cocktail menus and rooftop parties, provoked by the relaxation and freedom of international vacations.

The excessive sunshine makes us happier, but also inspires a time of reflection and sprouts ideas of a better life. We may even ask, “What changes can I make in my life to be this happy all the time?”

I’ve found it hard at times to focus my thoughts in a way that allows me to carve a path forward, and journaling has helped me navigate through my own thoughts and find direction. Getting started is the hard part.

First, get a journal that makes you feel something. Second, give yourself room to focus by dedicating time each day to write. Even if it’s only 15 minutes of uninterrupted time in the morning, it may work better for you than writing during your 45-minute train ride to work.

Lastly, establish what your goals are for journaling. Here are some tips to get you started.


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