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Finding Spirituality in These Troubling Times

Blurred image of Catholic church

Feeling spiritual stress lately? It’s a thing.

For the past few years we’ve been reading horrible stories about child molestation cases in the Catholic church. The Vatican has tried to address these cases time and time again, but there is nothing that can take away these situations that should’ve never happened in the first place.

Sadly, it’s a recurrent story and the church has acquired quite the reputation because of it. Just this Saturday, John Mulaney was hosting SNL and his opening monologue briefly mentioned the church’s questionable reputation while trying to convince his wife to convert to Catholicism by saying, “Don’t google us.”

Even this past Halloween, there were a few unfortunate costumes mocking the victims of priest molestations. Needless to say, people’s faith in the church has declined over the years and even though the Pope asks us to be united, to believe in God and be good Christians, I find myself saying, “Sorry, not sorry. I’m out.”

Keeping your spirituality intact is not easy. Sadly, there will be many instances that will make us question it and continuously seek for the right religion or community for us. The world is constantly showing us all the bad; whether it be politics or simple human interactions, it might be, as my friend says, “all bad.” It’s up to us to find the one good thing in our lives that will help us feel connected to something good, supportive and even mystical.


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