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Eskalera Talks Nudging

Finger pushing dominoes

Do you ever feel disconnected from your fellow co-workers and employer? Our family and friends at Eskalera fill us in on the idea of nudging, which may help in this department! It involves taking the change that you want, and breaking it up into lil bite-size pieces that will help you get there. It’s super-interesting stuff!

Eskalera can do a much better job of breaking this down, so tap this link to check out their awesome blog post!

If you are curious about other ideas involving workplace culture, diversity, and inclusion, be sure to poke through their blog. It’s full of helpful info. You can also check out their platform, which can help you and your employees or coworkers improve your workplace culture! They have an amazing Employee Experience platform, dedicated to helping you engage better at work, grow your skills and ultimate find personal and professional growth. Climb the ladder!


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