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Australia is Hosting Record Number of Latinx Foreign Exchange Students

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Are you considering studying abroad at some point? What about Australia?

SBS News found data showing the number of Latinx students studying in Australia have doubled in the past four years. It is now one of the fastest-growing demographic within the international student population in Australia, with Brazil sending over 40,000 students in 2018. Other notable data include increased enrollments from Chilean and Argentinian students.

These reports come as a surprise since International Education Association CEO Phil Honeywood said that “few in the sector would have predicted Brazil and Colombia would be in the top 10 source countries” when it comes to international students.

He believes the popularity of Australia as a study abroad location became popular by word of mouth after the first wave of students recounted good experiences in foreign exchange programs like Science Without Borders, a government-funded scholarship program.

Many Latinx foreign exchange students come to Australia to improve their studies in English. Over half of the 50,000 students from Latin America that studied abroad there enrolled in English courses.

Australian educational institutions are recognizing this trending interest and are shifting their marketing strategies to better target and court Latinx students to study abroad in Australia. Of their list of countries they plan to prioritize, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, and Peru are part of that list.

Click here to read more about how Australia plans to host more foreign exchange students from Latin America.

Vivian Wang

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