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Each One Teach One: Reach Across The Age Gap

Young black man and woman laugh with older white man

In the era of “OK Boomer,” it’s important to remember that while we can get upset at older generations for not keeping up with the times, they have a ton of knowledge about life in general. Age is not a reason to not talk to someone and miss out on learning from them.  That goes both ways!

Strike up a conversation with your older coworker, teacher, or grandparent! Say whatsup! Let them know how you feel about school, or your new job, or why people annoy you. Even though you are going through something that might feel very specific to your generation, they likely have a relatable experience that you can learn from. This video from Mon Ami Companions shows how enriching a simple conversation can be.

It doesn’t take much. You aren’t committing to a lifelong friendship, you’re just talking. You’ll learn things, and so will they. Because you have a lot to give too! #gen2gen


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