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#BeaconTuesday: Demand Progress

New York City, USA - June 13, 2016: Memorial outside the landmark Stonewall Inn for the victims of the mass shooting in Orlando in 2016 in New York City. - Image

Here at LatinX, we take the issues affecting our communities to heart. From fighting climate change to sending aid to help families torn apart at the border, we want to encourage everyone to do their part and get motivated.

This week, we’re highlighting Demand Progress, a social welfare organization of more than two million members that work at keeping governments accountable. With the multiple mass shooting our nations seen recently, Demand Progress wants your help in telling the FBI to take white nationalist threats more seriously.

Shortly before last week’s El Paso Walmart shooting, the gunman published a four-page manifesto online detailing his racist motives for the rampage. Violence fueled by hate have become more common in today’s news. Instead of investigating the serious threats of white nationalist violence, the FBI diminished the severity of them by adding white national domestic terrorism into a broader category called “Racially Motivated Violent Extremism.” By doing so, this downplays and stalls investigations into organized white nationalist hate groups.

Sign the petition today and stop the FBI from covering up the threat of white nationalist violence.


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