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Basic Brown Nerds Ep. 2: Building a Future For Us

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In the latest episode of Basic Brown Nerds, Sage Quiamno asks:

“A lot of us grew up with families who told us at the beginning of our lives that you will have to work twice as hard to get half of [what] other people [get]…Why can’t we break these systems to create a better world for us in a better environment?”

Sage Ke’alohilani Quiamno, co-founder of Future For Us, talks to BBN’s Joy Valery, and drops knowledge about pitching, investors, and building a company that is here to take down the patriarchy.

Sage is the co-founder of Future for Us that is dedicated to accelerating the advancement of women of color through community, culture, and career development. She is an Indigenous Hawaiian woman from Kaihi, Oahu, who has been taking on patriarchal systems of oppression since her days at a strict Catholic school. She’s been advocating for equal rights for women and her peers.

The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including: what it takes to navigate spaces in technology, speaking up for others, and disrupting spaces. Sage has shared her journey on instagram as she pitches investors for Future for Us and the upcoming conference, by April of 2019 she has pitched over 100 investors and sold out the conference.

They’re dropping gems regarding how to secure funding for a start-up, making companies more equitable for women, and giving the juicy details about how Sage got suspended in High school.

You can listen to the full episode on Basic Brown Nerds here or your favorite podcasting app.

To see the full transcript check out BasicBrownNerds.com.

You can follow Sage & her work on instagram @SageQ.

You can learn more about the future for us conference at futureforus.co

Joy Valerie

Joy Valerie Carrera is a contributor to LatinX.com. She is a digital operations strategist, the host of Basic Brown Nerds podcast, and has been to 26 countries so far. As a lover of all things tech, travel, and social impact business - she aims to leverage technology to empower our communities. You can follow her journey on Instagram

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