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Why This Sh*t So Hot?

beautiful girl cooling with her ??hand her tongue because of spicy sandwich - Image

Ok, we get it. You’re a badass who can eat the spiciest food out there. You put Carolina Reapers on your Lucky Charms. High five, way to go. But can you tell me why these peppers are so hot? Oh, it’s the seeds? WRONG! Do you even know how many types of chilis there are? No? C’mon maaaaan.

Alright, with the help of Now This, we are gonna get you the knowledge you crave, so you don’t sound like a dummy when bragging about how many Scovilles you can stand. Watch the vid, get that knowledge. Tell us your favorite spicy dishes in the comments below!

As heat lovers (or haters), I’m sure we’ve related to this GIF at some point in our life:


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