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United Nations #CSW63

The struggle for equality continues.

Yesterday, kicked off the 63rd session of the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women. The two-week jam packed event, referred to as CSW63, was launched in 1947 by a contingency of fifteen influential female leaders. It has since evolved into a powerhouse forum. Now, they are on the forefront, leading the march for progress by advocating for initiatives that benefit women on a global scale.

During its opening, the commission held a moment of silence for the victims of the ET302 plane crash, which was followed by remarks from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres who noted that while advocates for gender equality are mobilizing as never before, around the world, there is a pushback on women’s rights. Shortly after, Ireland’s UN Ambassador, Byrne Nelson, spoke on why forums like CSW63 are integral for any progress to be made against that resistance:

“Less than 7 percent of heads of state and government are women, and only one in four parliament members around the world are female. And, it’s estimated if we don’t act, it will take 217 years to reach parity between men and women in pay and employment opportunities.”

Byrne Nelson, Ireland’s UN Ambassador | Photo Credit @UN_CSW

The event is held through the 22nd of March, and there are countless panels and presentations. Each focusing on critical women’s issues, as well as a roster of guest speakers covering a wide scope of industries and organizations. CSW63 seeks to maximize diversity within its delegations, in order to provide the highest definition lens to its messaging. Doing so helps build a path out of obscurity for the world’s oft ignored gender.

There is much ground to cover and @UN_CSW and @ONUMujeres via Twitter as well as @UNwomen on Instagram are must follow accounts. You can also get more information regarding the forum and details on how to participate by going to the UN Women’s website.


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