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Tickle Your (Funny) Bone With These Hilarious Sex Toys

Sex toy made of a wheel of tongues

Sex toys are great! They enhance our bedroom activities, and can fill in when a partner is not around. Most toys blend in with the crowd, but these puppies stand out with their crazy looks.

This batch has us cracking up and, sometimes, scratching our heads.

Photo Credit: amazon.com

We know y’all grew up with those hopper toys. Turns out, someone decided that adults needed their own version, and slapped a dildo onto it. Hop on the Pink Diamond Magic Ball and bounce to your G-Spot’s content!

Photo Credit: amazon.com

You can tell what this does as soon as you see it, but it’s still pretty funny. The Lovehoney Sqweel 2 looks like it has a lot to say. Squat over this wheel of orgasms and feel the pleasure of a thousand tongues. Hopefully it brushed its teeth first.

Photo Credit: amazon.com

It’s hard to look at this and not see some adorable character from the latest Pixar movie. The Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generatio Air-Pulse Clitoral Stimulator (whew!) is the cutest little sex toy you’ve ever seen. Be sure to give it a funny name to help its personality shine through.

Photo Credit: amazon.com

And our final entry earned the most “WTFs” in the office. We’re not sure what to say about this one… It looks like something that walks on the bottom of the sea. The purpose is also unclear. Like, if two of you are using it, why not just do each other? If you’re curious, give the Fetish Fantasy Extreme International Extreme Sex Machine a try.


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