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‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Who to Look Out For

Quoting Chris Harrison (because why not?): “It’s going to be the most draaaamatic season of The Bachelor yet!”

This year’s lucky bachelor is none other than Colton Underwood, one of the contestants from Becca’s season known for his cute smile, big heart, and, uh, his virginity.

ABC kicked off the season premiere with a three-hour live viewing party last night, and yes – as you have suspected – the drama has officially begun. It was a night of nonstop highlights, including a very slow-moving sloth, a police car, a box of butterflies, and a fake Australian accent (insert a WTH emoji here). Can Colton handle the surplus of estrogen competing for his love in this new season of The Bachelor? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Here are a couple of women we think are worth keeping tabs on for the show:

Photo by Craig Sjodin / ABC.

Nicole, 25
Miami, FL | Social Media Coordinator

Why we like her: She’s the only Latina in the cast, and she quoted “Havana” by our girl Camila Cabello. Plus she spoke to Colton in Spanish when they first met. How romantic is that? She reminds us of Bibiana from Arie’s season, but probably a little more toned down.

Bachelor predictions: Nicole got quite a handful of screen time on the first episode, so we’re expecting her to make it to top 15.

Photo by Craig Sjodin / ABC.

Cassie, 23
Huntington Beach, CA | Speech Pathologist

First impressions: Down to earth, sweet, and drama-free. Since she knows sign language, she was able to teach Colton how to say “kiss.” Her sweet nature matches Colton’s. Also hasn’t said any inappropriate on the show (for now)…

Predictions: Top four for sure, – at least hometowns.

Photo by Craig Sjodin / ABC.

Hannah G.
Birmingham, AL | Content Creator

Why she’s one to follow: This girl got a head start. She had over 80k followers on Instagram prior to filming (now has 125k) and is a photographer, producer, and model. Plus she received the first impression rose. Way to go, Hannah G.

Predictions: Judging by the history of how things turned out for those that got first impression roses on the first night, I’d say she’s gonna make it to the final two.

Photo by Craig Sjodin / ABC.

Tayshia, 28
Phlebotomist | Corona del Mar, CA

Impressions so far: Possibly one of the best-dressed women at the cocktail party last night. And I had to look up “phlebotomist” on the dictionary; it’s a profession where they study veins. I guess that’s not creepy at all. However the case, Tayshia seems very well-grounded, and most of all, not crazy.

Predictions: Top 15.

Photo by Craig Sjodin / ABC.

Caelynn, 23
Miss North Carolina 2018 | Charlotte, NC

Highlights:This beauty queen wears her title with pride. As part of her intro, Caelynn emerged from the limo wearing her 2018 Miss North Carolina sash which she flipped over to reveal the words “Miss Underwood” printed on the other side.

Predictions: Top 10.

And the likely villain on the show so far is…..

Photo by Craig Sjodin / ABC.

Catherine, 26
DJ | Fort Lauderdale, FL

The red flag: Ooh la la, this Florida-based DJ has got the nerve and balls of steel. She was courageous enough to steal Colton away from other women four times during the cocktail party… we all know that’s all it’s going to take to start a cat fight between the ladies. How long do you think she will last before Colton ousts her from the show?

Do you agree with the list we’ve compiled so far? Who do you think will ultimately be the woman of Colton’s dreams? Let us know in the comment section below!

In the meantime, I’m praying the “I’m still a virgin” thing will die down soon.

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