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SMH and Other Acronyms You Need To Know

Girl with long nails texting

It’s hard to keep up with the laziness of our time. God forbid we say a full word. It’s totes too much to speak in full sentences these days and there are so many different shortcuts floating around that it’s hard to know what people are saying.

Here is a little guide to the need-to-know acronyms of 2019.

  • SMH: shaking my head | “Brad left the toilet seat up. SMH.”
  • HBIC: head bitch in charge | “Kristi is number one in sales. Move over Karen, she’s the real HBIC.”
  • TBH: to be honest | “TBH, you’re a real POS.”
  • POS: piece of shit (see example above)
  • ICYMI: in case you missed it | “ICYMI, Brad has been a real dick this week.”
  • FTW: for the win | “Kristi closed that deal and is taking us all to ice cream! Kristi FTW!”
  • DM: direct messages | “How did you meet Kenny?” “He slid through my DMs and asked me to dinner.”
  • IRL: in real life | “Great Odin’s Raven, I saw Drake IRL”.
  • YOLO: you only live once | “Who cares about health? Let’s go to the rave. YOLO”
  • IMO: in my opinion | “IMO, you’re a real Epeen.”
  • Epeen: electronic penis (I really cannot explain this one)

And the number one acronym you MUST know: NSFW. This means “not safe for work”, people! Abort! Abort! As enticing as the headline might be, stay away (at least until you get home)! Otherwise, you’ll really be saying FML. 🤦🏽‍♀️



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