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Should I Not Be Doing “The Latina Thing”?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez waving through traffic

It may come as no surprise that Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is under the microscope again. This time all the attention is on her name, cause you know, “she’s doing the Latina thing.”

Pronouncing or writing your name the “right” way can mean different things to many people, but ultimately it has to do with how comfortable people are saying it and listening to it. This is greatly influenced by the need to fit in or be assimilated into a new culture.

As an immigrant, a lot of us were told it was best to blend in. You would receive better treatment if you didn’t disrupt the American way of doing things. Even with friends, you can show your “Mexicaness” but not too much, so obviously, most of us chose to take out the accent in our names. We stopped rolling our “r’s” and opted for a shortened version of our names. It’s easier this way, right? But, easier for who?

Thankfully, as we get older we began to embrace our uniqueness, our origins, our accents and we’re d*mn proud to be bilingual. So, in case some of us need reassurance on how to say our tongue twisting, beautiful last names, we’ve put this together 😉

Have you ever felt the need to change up your name for the sake of not sounding “too latin”?

#ThatsNotMyName #AOC #SomosDeApellidoFuerte


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