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Rosselló Resigns: Puerto Rican Governor Makes It Official

Bad Bunny PR Protest

The governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, has announced his resignation following massive daily protests that evolved from a chat scandal. The Washington Examiner notes:

“Hundreds of thousands of protesters in San Juan marched over the weekend calling for Rosselló to resign, citing years of chats that included homophobic and misogynistic comments, jokes about silencing journalists, and even one jest about murdering an opposing politician. Other chats mocked citizens of Puerto Rico displaced by Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Citizens of Puerto Rico expressed concern that Rosselló’s chat behavior went beyond a lack of professionalism and showed a total disregard for politics without scandal. They claimed his language and insinuations violated the trust they should have in the leader of the U.S. territory.”

Washington Examiner
Ricky Martin, Residente and Bad Bunny join protests calling for Puerto Rican governor’s resignation.
Photo Credit: Reuters

Since July 13, people had been taking to the streets to show their discontent with the conduct of the soon-to-be former governor. Rosselló, who was under threat of impeachment had remained defiant, even noting that he was taking some ‘time for reflection.’

However, late last night the governor made his announcement official. For the people, this is a major win. Their voices had been heard. It was a major breakthrough in the modern politics of the tiny US territory. Rosselló is the first governor of the island to ever resign. What comes next for PR, is seemingly entirely up to its citizens.

Governor Ricardo Rosselló’s last day will be August 2.


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