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Millennials, Don’t Forget to Tip Your Waitress

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Tipping can be confusing for some. How do you know if you’re over-tipping, just being cheap or what to do overseas?

These days it can feel like we’re being asked to tip all the time. Even grabbing your morning latte calls for a pre-service tip. I asked a friend who confessed, “I feel like I have to. There are people behind me that will think I’m a jerk if I don’t!” I agree and often pony up out of guilt to avoid judgement.

Gratuity has become a source of resentment among customers, particularly millennials who were named “America’s worst tippers,” by Fortune last year. Ouch.

Thankfully, ABC 7 Eyewitness News brings us a brief run-through of proper tipping etiquette by Consumer Reports Money Editor, Margot Gilman.

Check yourself before your next check hits the table.

If you’d like to learn more, check out Consumer Report’s full analysis.


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