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MIDTERMS: What kind of government do you want?

This is the country’s biggest opportunity to make a change in the current administration and it’s time for the LatinX community to show support for the issues that really matter. So, what do you choose red or blue? Regardless of political preferences let’s all agree on something; on November 6th, we all go out to vote. We all make our social issues matter.

According to the Pew Research Center, even though more than 27 million Hispanics were eligible to vote in the 2016 elections, roughly 13 million actually voted. That’s less than half! Let’s try to change that shall we?

Finding inspiration in one candidate will be a tough task since our Latin community is very diverse. We can’t expect one person to represent us all, but what we can do is try to get more LatinXs in government until we can feel a fair representation for the community. What do you say, ready to vote?

Why does your vote matter? Check it.

According to Voto Latino, every year 803K LatinXs turn 18. This means our community is getting bigger, and with that, comes responsibilities to make our voices heard. If the LatinX community registered and showed up to vote on November 6th, the state of the current administration could change. That’s right, midterms can make a huge difference, not just presidential elections.

Want a better idea of what issues matter most to the country right now? Morning Consult gives us a glimpse of how people feel on these voting issues in relation to their sentiment towards the current President.

Voting issues vs sentiment towards Donald Trump. Source: Morning Consult.


Ok, you registered to vote. Now, how can your vote make an impact you ask? Just to name a few, The Skimm narrowed it down.

Federal level – decisions that could affect the whole country:

  • Mueller Russia election investigation. Congress can protect the investigation  (Democratic win) or shut it down (Republican win).
  • Judicial nominations. Senate approves or denies the nominees for Federal and Supreme courts (Think Kavanaugh, not Matt Damon’s Kavanaugh).  Both courts rule on everything guys, from deciding to subpoena a president to pro-choice decisions.
  • Remember DACA? Federal courts have not determined the fate of the program which means it could be the Supreme Court’s turn to rule if the it is legal or not. Although, Congress could still have a shot to save it, so let’s remember your vote can determine the majority in Congress: Dem or Rep?

State level – Closer to you:

  • Pro-choice: State representatives can limit or change the limit to qualify for legal access to abortion services. i.e. North Dakota 6 weeks, CA 24 to 26 weeks while 9 states have no restrictions.
  • Healthcare: Granting vs limiting access to state residents.
  • Gun control: States have passed 50 new gun control laws after the Parkland school shooting. Do you know where your state stands in this issue?

So who are some of the super Latinos ready to take on these issues? 





New Mexico

New York


Want a bit of inspo? Here’s an oldie but goodie – minus the odio part 😉  #VotoLatino.

Feel like sharing this bit of information with your friends? Share our infographic, it looks good and your friends will thank you for it…maybe. Happy voting!

Your vote matters. #SomosLatinx, somos la generación que determinara el color de estas elecciones, rojo o azul? #VotoLatino.



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