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Midterms: Register to vote today!

MIDTERMS ARE HERE! Second chance to vote for the government you want representing your country, your community, your vision, your social needs.  Sounds promising right? We know, but first, have you registered to vote yet? It’s very simple. Just follow these quick steps by our fellow Latina, America Ferrera and get ready for 11/6.

Not voting? As Joey would say, “Why God, Why?”. Ferrera has some valid points on that as well. We’ll let her tell you herself.


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Midterms are 30 days away! Let’s talk! What do you need to get out and vote?? #novemberiscoming

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So? Don’t wait! Register today and help make these midterms the greatest turnout of 2018 (even better than Coachella). Keep in mind there are deadlines to register. Click here for a summary by state. Happy registering!


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