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McAleenan Out, Border Wall Blocked

Kevin McAleenan

The White House experienced a series of setbacks today via federal courts as they attempted to roll out some of their highly criticized immigration policies. First, a federal judge in New York blocked the government’s attempt to penalize low-income immigrants who rely on public assistance applying for permanent residency. That was followed by a ruling in El Paso that issued an injunction barring Trump from using the funds granted by congress to build his much-desired border wall. The whirlwind day concludes with the administration confirming that acting secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, Kevin McAleenan, has announced his resignation after only six months in the chair.

According to multiple reports, his tenure was contentious and he often struggled to maintain control over the direction of the department. As Anderson Cooper notes in the CNN video below, McAleenan was quoted by the Washington Post regarding the job:

“What I don’t have control over is the tone, the message, the public face and approach of the department in an increasingly polarized time. That’s uncomfortable, as the accountable, senior figure.”

Kevin McAleenan

For an administration dead set on enforcing its “Zero Tolerance” policies, accountability, is not something they seem to be interested in.


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