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Former ISIS Sex Slave Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Former ISIS sex slave Nadia Murad was awarded the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize last week. At just 25 years old, she is the second youngest recipient of this prestigious award after Malala Youzafsai.

The 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winners Nadia Murad and Dr. Denis Mukwege

The 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winners Nadia Murad and Dr. Denis Mukwege /Instagram

Murad comes from a Yazidi heritage that came close to being wiped out through genocidal acts by ISIS in 2014. Under ISIS oppression, thousands of Yazidi men were murdered, and thousands of families were torn apart. Many women, Murad included, were abducted and continuously raped by ISIS militants for pleasure.

Since her miraculous escape from ISIS, Murad has galvanized radical efforts to relieve victims affected by genocide. She created Nadia’s Initiative, a non-profit organization which seeks to “[increase] advocacy for women and minorities and…stabilize and redevelop communities in crisis.” Her work has caught the attention of renowned human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, who now works as legal counsel for both Ms. Murad and the Yazidi population in crime cases against ISIS.

Today, Murad serves as the UN’s first Goodwill Ambassador for the Dignity of Survivors of Human Trafficking and continues to be the champion voice for her Yazidi people. She is also a recipient of the Peace Prize from the United Nations Association of Spain as well as the Clinton Global Citizen Award. Her memoir, The Last Girl, is a New York Times bestseller.

Murad shares this year’s Nobel Peace Prize with gynecologist and surgeon Denis Mukwege, who works in the Democratic Republic of Congo to treat female victims of sexual violence.

Watch a snippet from Nadia’s 2016 speech to the United Nations:

To donate to Nadia’s Initiative, click here.

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