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#FakeVegan?: How Safe Is It to Leave Our Health Choices In the Hands of Influencers?

Yovana Mendoza "Rawvana" apologizes infront of camera

We are constantly trying to find good health tips online and lately, it seems influencers have gained some sort of health guru status. But should we be following everything they say? Previously, we talked about how Hollywood diet fads get people excited thinking these new meal plans will make them lose weight, be energized and look fabulous, but are they really good for you?

Well, recently two YouTubers gave the vegan community something to talk about. Earlier this month, YouTubers, Paula Galindo (Pautips), Priscilla Soler, and Yovana Mendoza (Rawvana) were traveling in Bali together when “accidentally” Pautips tells the world Rawvana is not really vegan – dun dun dun… In one of Pautips videos, you can see Rawvana hiding the fish on her plate.

Why does this matter?

For over six years, Rawvana has been selling the idea of a raw vegan lifestyle. She lucratively promoted 21 day vegan diet challenges, wrote an ebook, worked with (or recommended) health brands and now it seems her vegan guru days might be put on hold.

After the video went viral, she received a big backlash by her followers and the vegan community.


So what did she do?

She responded with an apology video – a very detailed and long apology video – Got 30 minutes? It’s in Spanish too, click here.

There’s nothing wrong with changing your diet and changing lifestyles. Personally, I think her mistake was that she wasn’t upfront about her medical issues and why she needed to take a break from veganism. Yes, she makes money selling this lifestyle and acknowledging the need for animal protein wouldn’t look good on her site, BUT, she could’ve just added an appendix or a “just in case you encounter x,y,z” section to her diets. I’m sure she’s not the only one that has had to deal with these sort of medical issues. Honestly, addressing them in time could’ve made her even more unique to the community.

For now, we just wish she gets through this mess, acknowledges her new eating habits (even with brands) and finds peace of mind. In the meantime, I stand with the idea that eating habits should be designed for each person’s unique body needs and lifestyle. There’s nothing better than seeing a nutritionist 😉

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