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DACA: One day at a time

By now you’ve probably seen the headlines, “Federal judge refuses to shut down DACA program” (MSNBC News) or “Daring to Dream: Dreamers and the fading promise of DACA” (Boston 25 News), but do you really know what DACA is? Don’t worry, CNN got us covered.

So is DACA still alive?

It’s been a year since the Trump administration ended the DACA program, but since then, there have been many court rulings trying to determine if the program is legal or not. It seems the Supreme Court could be the decisive entity ruling the fate of this program. Given the new addition to the court, it is speculated that conservative Justice Kavanaugh could be the vote deeming it legal or unconstitutional.

The twist? There is still hope for the more than 800,000 dreamers. According to CNN, “Even if the high court rules the program is illegal, however, it’s possible justices could delay the immediate effect of the order, giving Congress a window to save it”.  Aplausos.

What can Dreamers do in the meantime?

Dreamers are in a political limbo. It’s recommended to continue with the program as usual until told otherwise. The midterms are around the corner and if Congress gets another shot at saving the program, these elections could really shine a light for the dreamers. Here’s a DREAM tweet for context.

@Flora shares her personal story via Twitter

Feeling inspired? Their future depends on, well, many things. Take a look at the five possible scenarios according to The Washington Post.

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